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Ergotre will be at 35th International Expodental
Milan, 3 - 6 October 2007.

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Ergotre - Dental Equipment
Ergotre - Laboratory
Ergotre - Surgical Module
Ergotre - Dental Equipment   Ergotre - Laboratory   Ergotre - Surgical Module  
The Ergotre Dental Equipment Line has been projected by paying particular attention to the aesthetics and functional aspects. The guide bar of the drawers, provided with self-closing action and felt packing, is a guarantee for maximum hygene. A pleasant aesthetic result is achieved by the possibility of matching the colours of the new handles, panels and moldings allowing for personal taste.

.: Dental Equipment

EL line
EL line with plinth
Smile Line
Smile Cabinet with wheels
Sterilization Center
Glass working surface
Drawers with Trays
Double waste basket
Ceramic sink built
in the worktop
Stainless steel sterilization line
Surgery Trolley
Surgery Trolley viewing Screeny
Surgical wash basins
Operating lights Famlux 600
DENTAL units
Photo Gallery
Benches for the Dental Laboratory are constructed in 10/10 electro-galvanized and phosphorized sheet-steel, coated with epoxy powders and assembled using a quantity of AISI 304 stainless steel components. Electric, air and gas installations are manufactured to comply with the C.E.I.-UNI requirements.

.: Laboratory

Corner Cabinet
BL05 Two station bench
BL01 Single station bench
work area
ML17 + AL27 + ML15
ML37 Wall mounted
stainless steel fume cabinet
ML43 Aspiration hood
for monomers
ML33 Fume Cabinet
AL 15 IR Drier
AL21 Gas operated stoll
"Martin Stoll"
AL 17 Wooden gas
operated stool
AL103 Wooden pair of
arm-rest double position
AL109 Drawer tablet
Photo Gallery
The “turnkey formula” for the assembling of surgical modules consists of a quick and integrated prefabricated system based on a series of standard modules which can be easily combined with all the other parts of the system.
Continuous research of specific solutions to match the demands of the dental sector enables Ergotre to concentrate its experience and competence in the production of surgical modules.

.: Surgical Module

Rendering 3D
Section A-A
Surgical module map
Section B-B
Surgical wash-basins
Treatment table SU-02
Treatment table SO-10
LO-03 Ceiling lamps
Passat lamp with stand
Operating lights Famlux 600
Stainless Steel sterilization line
Latch for surgical instruments passing

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